Anonymous Trading by Symbol
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Top 5 Stocks By Volume Sold Anonymously
Company NameSymbolVolume
EnCana CorporationECA1,386,735
Kinross Gold Corp.K1,299,571
Baytex Energy Corp.BTE1,063,552
B2Gold Corp. JBTO800,966
Canopy Grwth Corp JCGC786,200
Top 5 Stocks By Volume Bought Anonymously
Company NameSymbolVolume
EnCana CorporationECA1,416,650
B2Gold Corp. JBTO1,009,611
Kinross Gold Corp.K921,023
ECN Capital Corp.ECN830,700
Canopy Grwth Corp JCGC752,000
Top 5 Stocks By Value Sold Anonymously
Company NameSymbolValue $
Cdn Imperial BankCM39,660,357.81
Cdn Nat'l RailwayCNR29,729,089.53
Cdn Pacific RailwayCP27,068,033.14
Bank of Nova ScotiaBNS23,310,219.00
EnCana CorporationECA20,753,539.43
Top 5 Stocks By Value Bought Anonymously
Company NameSymbolValue $
Cdn Pacific RailwayCP25,929,119.44
Cdn Nat'l RailwayCNR23,276,865.95
Cdn Imperial BankCM21,220,858.00
EnCana CorporationECA21,216,781.42
Enbridge Inc.ENB19,817,239.99
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