Anonymous Trading by Symbol
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Top 5 Stocks By Volume Sold Anonymously
Company NameSymbolVolume
Iamgold CorporationIMG1,986,700
Eco Oro Minerals JEOM1,550,500
B2Gold Corp. JBTO1,295,100
Kinross Gold Corp.K1,071,100
Horizon BetaGld BearHGD1,065,700
Top 5 Stocks By Volume Bought Anonymously
Company NameSymbolVolume
Eco Oro Minerals JEOM1,662,000
Baytex Energy Corp.BTE1,367,100
Kinross Gold Corp.K1,325,911
Iamgold CorporationIMG1,289,400
B2Gold Corp. JBTO1,159,700
Top 5 Stocks By Value Sold Anonymously
Company NameSymbolValue $
Bank of MontrealBMO37,144,048.06
Cdn Imperial BankCM31,924,036.79
Bank of Nova ScotiaBNS27,893,893.17
Cdn Nat'l RailwayCNR19,936,927.52
Alimentation Cl B SVATD.B16,822,080.18
Top 5 Stocks By Value Bought Anonymously
Company NameSymbolValue $
Cdn Imperial BankCM43,726,502.99
Bank of Nova ScotiaBNS28,430,513.09
Bank of MontrealBMO25,953,885.34
Alimentation Cl B SVATD.B22,751,109.13
Cdn Nat'l RailwayCNR19,668,838.80
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