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Insider Trade Summaries - TSX Venture Exchange

Last Updated: August 29, 2014Learn more about the TSX Insider Trade Marker Report
Top 10 Stocks By Net Buys Volume
SymbolCompany NameInsider Buys VolumeInsider Sells VolumeNet Buys Volume
NGMNorthern Gold Mining Inc.757,0000757,000
TDCTyhee Gold Corp.224,0000224,000
CNGCanadian Mining Company Inc.130,0000130,000
ARCArian Resources Corp.118,5000118,500
CWCCWC Energy Services Corp.118,5000118,500
GPSBSM Technologies Inc.114,0000114,000
NWXNewport Exploration Ltd.97,000097,000
GPMGPM Metals Inc.86,500086,500
PPXPeruvian Precious Metals Corp.82,000082,000
EWEast West Petroleum Corp.56,000056,000
Top 10 Stocks By Net Buys Value
SymbolCompany NameInsider Buys Value $Insider Sells Value $Net Buys Value $
GPSBSM Technologies Inc.234,628.000.00234,628.00
CWCCWC Energy Services Corp.112,370.000.00112,370.00
NWXNewport Exploration Ltd.56,760.000.0056,760.00
LOYLoyalist Group Limited24,877.500.0024,877.50
NGMNorthern Gold Mining Inc.22,760.000.0022,760.00
TDCTyhee Gold Corp.20,160.000.0020,160.00
MYAMaya Gold & Silver Inc.18,212.500.0018,212.50
HWK.AHawk Exploration Ltd.17,940.000.0017,940.00
MCRMacro Enterprises Inc.17,067.000.0017,067.00
KMTKomet Resources Inc.13,990.000.0013,990.00
Top 10 Stocks By Net Sells Volume
SymbolCompany NameInsider Buys VolumeInsider Sells VolumeNet Sells Volume
CEXContact Exploration Inc.0526,000526,000
BHSBayhorse Silver Inc.0410,000410,000
WRRWalker River Resources Corp.0260,000260,000
TJTAD Mineral Exploration Inc.0200,000200,000
EBYEmerald Bay Energy Inc.060,00060,000
TGMTrue Gold Mining Inc.055,00055,000
CODCoastal Gold Corp.050,00050,000
BRABrades Resource Corp.045,50045,500
MQLMarquee Energy Ltd.040,00040,000
ORC.BOrca Exploration Group Inc.015,80015,800
Top 10 Stocks By Net Sells Value
SymbolCompany NameInsider Buys Value $Insider Sells Value $Net Sells Value $
CEXContact Exploration Inc.0.00263,000.00263,000.00
ORC.BOrca Exploration Group Inc.0.0055,300.0055,300.00
MQLMarquee Energy Ltd.0.0046,800.0046,800.00
BHSBayhorse Silver Inc.0.0028,700.0028,700.00
TGMTrue Gold Mining Inc.0.0023,650.0023,650.00
ABMAthabasca Minerals Inc.0.0016,104.0016,104.00
WRRWalker River Resources Corp.0.009,100.009,100.00
ODNOdin Mining and Exploration Ltd.0.006,365.006,365.00
BRABrades Resource Corp.0.004,452.504,452.50
AOTAscot Resources Ltd.0.003,648.003,648.00

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