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Insider Trade Summaries - TSX Venture Exchange

Last Updated: April 16, 2014Learn more about the TSX Insider Trade Marker Report
Top 10 Stocks By Net Buys Volume
SymbolCompany NameInsider Buys VolumeInsider Sells VolumeNet Buys Volume
OAGOremex Silver Inc.320,0000320,000
LLCanada Rare Earth Corp.188,0000188,000
ENTENTREC Corporation157,4000157,400
SMDStrategic Metals Ltd.100,0000100,000
FLYFLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.70,000070,000
OPGOpen Gold Corp.58,000058,000
NXENexGen Energy Ltd.57,000057,000
REXOrex Minerals Inc.55,000055,000
BUSGrande West Transportation Group Inc.54,000054,000
Top 10 Stocks By Net Buys Value
SymbolCompany NameInsider Buys Value $Insider Sells Value $Net Buys Value $
ENTENTREC Corporation203,075.000.00203,075.00
RXBioSyent Inc.43,945.000.0043,945.00
SMDStrategic Metals Ltd.40,500.000.0040,500.00
ANYSphere 3D Corporation40,125.000.0040,125.00
FLYFLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.33,875.000.0033,875.00
BUSGrande West Transportation Group Inc.26,647.500.0026,647.50
NXENexGen Energy Ltd.21,910.000.0021,910.00
PEAPetrolia Inc.13,230.000.0013,230.00
REXOrex Minerals Inc.12,725.000.0012,725.00
OAGOremex Silver Inc.11,200.000.0011,200.00
Top 10 Stocks By Net Sells Volume
SymbolCompany NameInsider Buys VolumeInsider Sells VolumeNet Sells Volume
CIOCentral Iron Ore Limited05,705,0005,705,000
CNGCanadian Mining Company Inc.01,100,0001,100,000
RGCRedstar Gold Corp.0536,894536,894
XMEXmet Inc.0385,000385,000
SELPenfold Capital Acquisition IV Corporation0250,000250,000
GEGGinguro Exploration Inc.0209,500209,500
NXNoka Resources Inc.0181,000181,000
DVDolly Varden Silver Corporation0100,000100,000
LGNLegend Gold Corp.064,09664,096
Top 10 Stocks By Net Sells Value
SymbolCompany NameInsider Buys Value $Insider Sells Value $Net Sells Value $
XMEXmet Inc.0.0042,455.0042,455.00
GEGGinguro Exploration Inc.0.0031,800.0031,800.00
CIOCentral Iron Ore Limited0.0028,525.0028,525.00
RGCRedstar Gold Corp.0.0024,575.7624,575.76
NFXNexGen Financial Corporation0.0023,800.0023,800.00
CNGCanadian Mining Company Inc.0.0023,500.0023,500.00
SELPenfold Capital Acquisition IV Corporation0.0021,250.0021,250.00
NXNoka Resources Inc.0.0020,452.5020,452.50
LGNLegend Gold Corp.0.0016,344.4816,344.48

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