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Listed Company Directory

View a list of companies on Toronto Stock Exchange, Canada’s largest cash equities market; or TSX Venture Exchange, a public venture capital marketplace for emerging companies. Search by exchange, company name or stock symbol.

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Company NameSymbolDelist Date
Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc.WB17-Oct-2016
First Point Minerals Corp.FPX14-Oct-2016
Coxe Commodity Strategy FundCOX07-Oct-2016
Twin Butte Energy Ltd.TBE06-Oct-2016
Bankers Petroleum Ltd.BNK04-Oct-2016
TransGlobe Apartment Real Estate Investment TrustTGA03-Oct-2016
SMART Technologies Inc.SMA19-Sep-2016
OVIVO INC.OVI19-Sep-2016
Mines Management, Inc.MGT15-Sep-2016
Arsenal Energy Inc.AEI15-Sep-2016

*T = Toronto Stock Exchange, V = TSX Venture Exchange