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TSX Venture 50

The 2016 TSX Venture 50 is a ranking of strong performers on TSX Venture Exchange over the last year.

2016 TSX Venture 50 is a ranking of strong performers on TSX Venture Exchange. These companies have shown results in key measures of market performance. The ranking is comprised of 10 companies from each of the five industry sectors, and they were selected based on three equally weighted criteria: market capitalization growth, share price appreciation and trading volume. On average, these companies have delivered a return of 77% in 2015. The shares of these companies also enjoy a liquid market, with a total of 3.0 billion shares trading over the course of 2015.

TSX Venture Exchange is a unique incubator of public companies and the 2016 TSX Venture 50 achievements are strong evidence of the opportunities in this market.

Company Name Ticker Chg ($) Chg (Cap) 2015 Trading Volume Sector

* Went public via Capital Pool CompanyŽ Program
** Number 1 company overall
*** Petroamerica Oil Corp. was acquired by Gran Tierra Energy Inc. (TSX: GTE) in January 2016.

TSXV considered companies' compliance with Exchange Requirements and exercised discretion when determining qualified candidates.

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