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Interlisted Companies on the TSX

March 26, 2014

From analyst coverage to liquidity, there are benefits for a company to be listed on more than one exchange (or "interlisted"). It can also be useful for traders as well.

Interlisted Symbols provides the list of companies listed on Toronto Stock Exchange that are also listed on a US-based exchange. BlackBerry, for example, trades on TSX under the symbol BB, and also on NASDAQ under the symbol, BBRY. You can browse this list or search by symbol/name. With one click you can download the full list.

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Companies sometimes list their stocks in both the Canadian and US markets to generate greater interest in their securities. It allows the interlisted company to diversify and broaden its investor base across North America, increase liquidity of its shares and provides opportunities for greater analyst coverage and brand recognition.

At the same time, interlisted stocks offer the retail trader more choice and control when trading shares. One obvious benefit is the ability to buy and sell the shares in the currency of your choice, taking advantages of currency fluctuations.

Interlisted stock information is used by research departments, traders and other market participants for price comparisons, total trading across markets, the research of corporate actions and other market data.

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