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Manage Your Portfolio and Set Alerts using TMXmoney Mobile

June 20, 2014
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Did you know you can now access your portfolios and alerts on TMXmoney mobile? Even more, they are completely synchronized with the desktop site and in the case of portfolios, with TMX PowerStream too. That means when you are signed in to your account, anything you set or modify on mobile will be there the next time you log on to the desktop site and vice versa.


TMXmoney portfolio allows you to create up to 5 portfolios, each containing up to 52 stocks, mutual funds or ETFs. You can view your holdings, see graphical representations of your holdings by symbol, asset class and sector, and get the latest news for symbols included in your portfolio. With the newly revamped mobile site, you can use your account sign-on to add, edit and even delete portfolios.

As for alerts, just as with the desktop site, you can set a wide range of alerts for specific symbols – 52 week highs and lows, price changes, per cent changes, volume alerts, news alerts, end of day summary and more. Just like the portfolio, your alerts are synchronized on both the mobile site and the full web site.

Another great feature that mobile brings to portfolio and alerts is the ability to add a symbol to your portfolio or set an alert for that symbol directly from the Detailed Quote page. With one click of the buttons underneath the share price you can "Add to Portfolio" or "Set Alert". This makes it easy to manage your portfolio and alerts while you are already browsing quotes on TMXmoney without having to access the "My Portfolio" and "My Alerts" section. Of course, you can also add alerts by typing in the symbol manually in the alerts section of both the mobile and full web site.


What does all this mean for you? Say you're on your cell phone looking up the quote for Royal Bank on TMXmoney mobile. You can instantly add it to your portfolio and the next time you're logged in on your desktop, you'll be able to see it as part of your holdings with all the detailed information portfolio provides. Or you can set an alert so that the next time the price of Royal Bank dips below a certain number you receive an automatic email to one or multiple email accounts.

The synchronization of desktop and mobile makes it easier for you to customize TMXmoney regardless of which devices you are using and truly get the most out of TMXmoney mobile.

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