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Stock Screener Enhancements: Connect by Mobile and Save Custom Screens

July 7, 2014

The TMXmoney Stock Screener is a must-have tool for Canadian investors. Recommended by financial news outlets as a top screener for Canadian and North American markets, we are proud to announce the screener now offers:

  • Full mobile version for all devices (iOS, Android, BlackBerry)
  • Customizable screens that can be saved for later use

A stock screener is an important tool that investors and traders can use to filter stocks based on customized criteria. They help you find and focus on stocks that fit your strategy however specific or broad. Want to see a list of energy companies with more than $1 billion market cap and a daily trading volume of more than 100,000 shares? The TMXmoney stock screener organizes the stocks in a clean table with the basic important data that can be sorted further. One click can take you to charts and news for that stock as well.

A Mobile Experience

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Stock Screener is now available on the adaptive TMXmoney mobile site, the first of its kind in Canada. Also, just like with your portfolio and alerts, stock screener is now synchronized between mobile and the full web site. That means the screens you create and save on your desktop will be there the next time you log on to the mobile site on your phone, and vice versa.

Save Custom Screens

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You can use one of the many available presets like Small Cap Value, Large Cap Growth, Largest Sales Revenue etc. to quickly generate filtered lists. Or you can create one based on up to 10 different criteria. The great thing now is that you can actually save the screens you create. No need to build the screener from scratch every time you come to TMXmoney. The next time you log on to TMXmoney, your customized list will be there, whether they were entered from a desktop computer or mobile device.

Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs

Don't forget that there is also a separate screener for mutual funds. Click on the "Mutual Fund Screener" link on the bottom of every stock screener page and you'll find the familiar screener format with a different set of criteria you need to filter both Canadian and US mutual funds.

A separate screener for Exchange-Traded Funds is also available and found within TMXmoney's comprehensive ETP portal. It displays a useful graphic representation of various ETF options in various categories, as ranked by cost, diversification, liquidity, tax efficiency and tracking error.

Stock Screener can be found under the Research & Tools section.

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