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Enhanced Dividend Information Now Available on TMXmoney

September 19, 2014

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TMXmoney is pleased to introduce comprehensive dividend coverage for Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange companies and products. Found inside every quote page on TMXmoney, we now highlight upcoming dividend payments and offer a complete history of dividends paid in the last 36-months.

Dividends are cash payments paid by corporations to shareholders, proportional to the number of shares owned. For dividend investors, this means a way to get paid cash for owning shares in a company, all while hoping for a future growth in their price. They are also a way for investors to measure a company''s performance and fundamentals.

Once a company decides to pay a dividend, they must notify the exchange; meaning TMXmoney data is straight from the source. Located next to the Research tab on every detailed quote page for TSX and TSX Venture companies, the new Dividends tab (currently in BETA) contains two important sections:

Upcoming Dividends

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The top right section displays a table with the upcoming dividend being paid. This includes the amount, the number of days before the dividend goes ex-date, the date the dividend is being paid and the change in payout since the last payment. The Ex-Date is important as on and after this date, the stock sells ex-dividend; that is the seller retains the dividend and the buyer is not entitled to it.

Using the above example for Company ABC, if you buy shares on October 2, you would be eligible to receive the $0.66 dividend when it is paid on October 29. If you buy shares on or after October 3, you are no longer eligible for the upcoming payment. The Days Until sections make it even easier for you to countdown the dates.

Dividend History

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The second feature is a comprehensive table displaying any cash dividend distributed by the company in the last 36-months.

Here you will see the familiar important dividend dates as well as the Record Date. This is the date on which the company looks at its records to determine who the shareholders of the company are. The Ex-Date is importantly placed at least two business days prior to the record date to ensure your name is in the record books. The table is sortable by the different criteria displayed.

Check back here in the future for more improvements to our high-quality dividend coverage.

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