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NEW: Seamless Trading Experience on TMXmoney

November 26, 2014

TMXmoney makes it easy to research North American securities. And now with every quote, the new "Trade Now" button makes it easy to buy and sell shares from popular online brokerages.

Turn your research into easy-to-execute trades: clicking the button will open up a window where you can select an online broker to use. If you have an account, clicking on the button will automatically route to that symbol's order on the broker web site. If not, follow the steps to register.

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What is a brokerage?

A brokerage firm handles customer orders to buy and sell securities. Any trade you want to make on any Exchange must go through a broker so you can think of it as a middleman between investors and the stock market.

Many brokerages are now online. The growth of online discount brokerages has made it easier and cheaper than ever to invest in the market. There are much lower commission fees compared with full-service brokers, but no investment advice, so do-it-yourself investors must use web sites like TMXmoney to do their own research and analysis.

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For example, if you click on the Questrade logo from the "Choose a Broker" window, you will be taken to a new page. If you''re not a Questrade client you'll be able to open an account and take advantage of some exclusive offers. If you already have a Questrade account, simply log-in and you'll have fast access to buying or selling that particular security.

We hope this addition to the detailed quote pages makes it even easier for our users to access their actual holdings and execute trades while on the site. Stay on the lookout for more enhancements to the detailed quote pages on TMXmoney.

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