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Start with an idea: the latest discovery tool from TMXmoney will help spark your investment strategy

May 11, 2015
NEW: TMXmoney
Investor Discovery Tool

TMXmoney Stock Screener

Stock Screeners, like the one provided by TMXmoney, are time-tested tools used by investors and traders to filter stocks based on customized criteria. They help find and focus on stocks that fit any type of investment strategy and identify superior performers.

What they don't do is help discover investment ideas from the ground level - before ratios and balance sheets, valuations and EPS.

TMXmoney is pleased to introduce The Investor Discovery Tool which allows you to navigate the expansive world of TSX and
TSX-V companies. Perhaps you're in the early stages of your stock research and just have some broad ideas about what you're looking for.

  • Maybe you want a list of Clean Technology companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, or more specifically, headquartered in Canada.
  • Or you're focused in on the Mining sector, but only interested in ones associated with Nickel, and/or with properties located in North America.

Whereas stock screeners are ideal for filtering through numerical qualities like ratios and past performance, the Investor Discovery Tool gives you an even more blank canvas to start with. Use it as your first step to research and brainstorm investment thoughts. Because it doesn't focus on things like price, volume, earnings per share and growth rates, you have more freedom to quickly discover companies you may not have heard of based on location, commodities, properties and more.

The user-friendly tool allows you to select criteria from various drop-down menus and then Search once you choose however few or many.

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The results page gives you an organized table of companies that match your search. The columns are sortable as clicking on each heading sorts the entire list.

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Like many other features on TMXmoney, there is a "Download in Excel" button that allows you to download an .xls spreadsheet of your results for your convenience. If your search returns a large number of companies, use the Search field to quickly narrow down what you are looking for.

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Located in the Investor Tools section, start using the new Investor Discovery Tool to broaden your research and get a wider view of Canadian companies.

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