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Introducing the TMXmoney Test Lab!

January 26, 2016

The TMXmoney Test Lab is a place to test new investor products and applications before they launch. We're always working on innovative ways to enhance your use of our high quality market data. The Test Lab allows you to see what is in our pipeline and have a chance to experiment with it in its formative stages. The best part about this is the interactive feedback tool that asks you questions based on your actions. Your responses and feedback will be collected and used to shape new features and products.

All of our Test Lab offerings will have a Product Tour that walks you through the tool at any time. As well, you can choose to stay updated with new releases with one click.

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Look for the Test Lab logo around TMXmoney to access any new applications or tools we are working on. All you need to get started is a TMXmoney account - the same one you use to log-in to your portfolio and alerts tool.

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