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Test Lab to the App Store: New app helps track past and future TSX listed companies dividends

October 27, 2016
TMX Money Dividends App

Earlier this year, TMX Money introduced the Test Lab - a place to test new investor products and applications before they launch. It allows our users to see what's in our pipeline and have a chance to experiment with new concepts in their formative stages. The first offering in the Lab was a Dividend Calendar - A handy tool that uses a variety of filters to display upcoming dividends from TSX-listed companies. Since then we've received a largely positive response from users who find it to be a useful tool for investing research and tracking their portfolios.

Based on some great feedback and suggestions from our users, we are now pleased to introduce the TMX Money Dividends app for iOS!

This new app makes it easy to follow announcements and payments on a daily basis. It offers a complete history with TSX data direct from the source. This data includes declaration, payment and ex-date details, recurring and special payment history, payment frequency and event countdown.

The free version of the app allows you to view dividends data for a 5-day period including important amounts and dates. You can even sync the app with your TMX Money Portfolio & Alerts account to track just the companies that you hold. You can create and manage up to 10 portfolios and update them from your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

A premium version lets you tap into the unlimited history of all dividend payments made by active companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. A date picker lets you select any date from the past or jump to any day in the future to see complete dividend data for that day. You can even activate notifications so that you're alerted when important dates are coming up.

Click the App Store button below and download TMX Money Dividends today.

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