Top 20 Stocks by Price Performance
As of November 15, 2019

The list below ranks the top 20 stocks by their year-to-date percentage increase in price.

  1. Summus Solutions N.V. (TSXV:SS): +900.00%
  2. Lithion Energy Corp. (TSXV:LNC): +754.55%
  3. Bravern Ventures Ltd. (TSXV:BAV.H): +685.71%
  4. Blackrock Gold Corp. (TSXV:BRC): +587.50%
  5. ClearStream Energy Services Inc. (TSX:CSM): +500.00%
  6. OjO Electric Corp. (TSXV:OJO): +482.35%
  7. Intema Solutions Inc. (TSXV:ITM): +475.00%
  8. Burcon Nutrascience Corporation (TSX:BU): +435.29%
  9. Amex Exploration Inc. (TSXV:AMX): +414.29%
  10. Allied Hotel Properties Inc. (TSXV:AHP): +410.00%
  11. Sirona Biochem Corp. (TSXV:SBM): +382.35%
  12. Stroud Resources Ltd. (TSXV:SDR): +380.00%
  13. Delta Resources Limited. (TSXV:DLTA): +372.73%
  14. Cryptostar Corp. (TSXV:CSTR): +366.67%
  15. Aftermath Silver Ltd. (TSXV:AAG): +330.77%
  16. Apex Resources Inc. (TSXV:APX): +320.00%
  17. Rockwealth Resources Corp. (TSXV:RWR): +300.00%
  18. YSS Corp. (TSXV:YSS): +290.00%
  19. GoldON Resources Ltd. (TSXV:GLD): +284.00%
  20. Wallbridge Mining Company Limited (TSX:WM): +281.25%
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