How is OpSens improving cardiovascular disease treatment?

OpSens Inc. (TSX: OPS) focuses mainly on physiological measurements, such as Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) and Diastolic Pressure Ratio (dPR) in interventional cardiology. The company offers an advanced optical-based pressure guidewire that aims to improve the clinical outcome of patients with coronary artery disease.

Its flagship product, the OptoWire, is a second-generation fiber optic pressure guidewire designed to provide the lowest drift in the industry and excellent lesions access. The OptoWire has been used in the diagnosis and treatment of over 90,000 patients in more than 30 countries. It is approved for sale in the United States, European Union, Japan, and Canada.

The company is also involved in industrial activities such as developing, manufacturing and installing innovative fiber optic sensing solutions for critical applications.

In this interview, Sophie van Houtte, Head, TSX Company Services at TMX Group speaks with Louis Laflamme, President and CEO at OpSens Inc about the company's response to COVID-19, its investment propositions and how listing on the TSX has helped the company grow.

Laflamme explains how OpSens is considered an essential service, which means the company is allowed to continue to manufacture and deliver its products to customers. They have been able to meet all of their orders thus far and have maintained a solid revenue foundation throughout the course of the pandemic.

In terms of the company's value and investment proposition, Laflamme notes that the market is big for innovative healthcare technology and that there are many opportunities available to the company. For instance, OpSens has a 15 per cent market share in Canada and Japan for its coronary artery product, OptoWire, and they are now trying to replicate this success in the U.S market, followed by Europe.

With all of this said, what does it mean for OpSens to be listed on the TSX? Laflamme says that publicly listing has been a great adventure—the company was able to obtain financing from some of the largest investors in the world. This has also helped them increase their visibility and credibility which is important for customers to see when they are looking at healthcare tools. The TSX has been a crucial segment in helping develop the company's business and create value for shareholders.

The goal with OpSens is simple; they want to help improve cardiovascular disease treatment by combining the most innovative and reliable fiber optic sensing technology with advanced guidewire materials construction so that more can be accomplished in less procedure time and at an overall lower cost.

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