Diversified Industries

As at August 30, 2019

Diversified Industries issuers totalled 536 on both exchanges. Toronto Stock Exchange has 350 issuers with a total market cap of $1.8 Trillion and TSX Venture Exchange has 186 issuers with a total market cap of $11.6 Billion.

The Diversified Industries sector includes a broad range of companies in:

  • Commercial Products & Services: Includes companies with a focus on products and services within the consumer discretionary and consumer staples industries
  • Financial Services: Includes banks, trading and investment banks, asset managers, insurance companies and other providers of financial services
  • Industrial Products & Services: Includes companies involved in manufacturing, infrastructure, transport, capital goods, and commercial services
  • Real Estate
  • Communications & Media
  • Utilities & Pipelines

Diversified Industries Equity Capital Raised – YTD   
  Toronto Stock Exchange TSX Venture Exchange
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To learn more about listing in the Diversified Industries sector on TSX/TSXV, please contact:

Ryan Thomas
Head, Business Development, Diversified Industries
+1 416 947-4279

Business Development - Asia
(86) 1065 05 8011

Business Development - Europe & Africa